Landlord Services

At Deuth Property Management we are committed to ensuring that your rental property is occupied by quality renters. Our extensive industry experience allows us to get you the best renters, and eliminate the hassle of managing the property yourself. Below is a listing of the services we provide to our customers.

Find Renters

We will start with services such as, Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, plus over 200 other websites, flyers in the local area, signs, referrals, relocations & advocate groups. These are just a few places that we will advertise.

Screen Renters

We will have each renter complete a form for Criminal Background, Credit History, Occupational/Income verification, Unlawful Detainer and Rental History. The renter will pay for background check when they apply for the unit.

Move-In / Move-Out

We will complete a walk through with the tenant at the time of move-in and will repeat the same process when they move out. The renter and landlord will agree upon the condition of the property before moving in and out. The tenant is given a list of what is expected of them upon move out. If eviction is necessary we will take care of that process also.

Collect Rent

All rents will come to our office and be distributed to the clients account after the previous months fees have been deducted on the 15th. If rent does not come to the office by the 5th of each month we will send out letters & contact the tenant to insure rent is received. If rent is not received by the 10th we will contact the owner about moving forward with eviction or other options.

Take Phone Calls From Renters

We will receive all calls from renters whether it is for rent, maintenance, or whatever else a renter needs to call about.


We provide maintenance for you and your tenant for $40 per hour. The owner is always responsible for any supplies that are needed to complete a job. We work closely with contractors that we have used to complete all permit required work. We will help provide quotes for all required work and wanted improvements to your home.


We will make sure that all city/Sec. 8/ etc inspections are taken care of and scheduled. We will meet the inspector at each property and stay for the duration of inspection.

How Our Fee Structure Works

How our fee works: We charge 7% of your monthly rent. At $1000.00 per month for rent our fee would be $70.00. We charge a leasing fee of one month rent whenever a vacancy is filled. There is a $100 fee to renew a lease, a month rent is not charged.

The owner of the property will be sent an invoice and rent roll on or before the 15th every month. Included in this bill will be our fees, any supplies needed to complete work, & a breakdown of the work performed from the month before.